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STRENGTHS of Drenotube®​ 

  • Retention capacity / water flow: 30% more efficient than with gravel.

  • Prefabricated industrial quality, 100% reliable.

  • 25 years of useful life of all the components and +50 years for the geosynthetic particles of EPS.

  • System implemented in the United States and Canada since 1991.

  • European Technical Evaluation No. 15/0201 and CE marked.

  • Save time in installation.

  • Transportation more economical and easy.

  • Manual installation and without mechanical help.

  • Skilled labor not required.

  • Reduce the volume of excavations.

  • No gravel needed.

  • Simplicity: drenotube® is installed in a single operation.

  • Speed: 4 times faster than the traditional system.

  • Possibility of connecting in the surface.

  • The drenotube® is flexible, adaptable to the shapes and obstacles of the ground (slopes, corners, constructions, etc.)

  • Minimum of 70% of EPS of recycled origin.

  • 100% recyclable components, all are inert and do not contaminate the soil.

  • By not using gravel, it preserves the Environment.

  • Product of Circular Economy

  • The Life Cycle of Drenotube is more sustainable compared to the traditional one.

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