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As the urbanization system grows, the ability of the land to absorb rainwater, in many cases is reduced or canceled due to the necessary construction of impermeable surfaces such as roofs, pavements, roads, parking, etc. and the rain that once could seep into the ground in a natural way, is currently lost by the sewage system.


Other Advantages:

  • Minimizes the accumulation of surface water in short episodes of heavy rains.

  • Avoid floods and the proliferation of mosquitos

  • It allows a high infiltration surface distributed throughout the entire installation.

  • Reduces and slows runoff water.

  • Favor the phreatic and aquifer levels.

  • It acts as a natural "filter strip" filter that cleans runoff water.

  • It manages a natural resource, avoiding its contamination.

  • Low maintenance and long durability

Drenotube helps to restore the natural water cycle and improves the difficulties caused by the waterproofing of the surfaces. Installs easily and quickly without the need of using gravel. It is flexible and can therefore surround any obstacle. It is made with recycled material and has certificates of quality and life cycle.

Bottom view

Top view

Longitud = 6 m ou 3 m

The bottom side is not covered with geotextile to guarantee a  longterm functioning ( + 25 years ) without risk of obstruction.

Pipe with three rows of 15 mm. diameter holes, distributed at 120º and separated at 100 mm.

Front view

Geotextile covered with a polyethylene mesh.