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Drenotube is the solution to water infiltration systems treated by a compact purification system (septic tank or micro-stations) when there is no connection to the public drainage network.

Drenotube infiltration modules are the best alternative to infiltrate water in the permeable terrain.
The high-density geosynthetic parts that replace the regular-sized gravel with a high thermal coefficient are ideal for the formation of a biological film that makes the colonies of bacteria and microorganisms proliferate. This biological film is very effective in eliminating viruses and pathogens by doing a water purification job.

Bottom view

Top view

Longitud = 6 m ou 3 m

The bottom side is not covered with geotextile to guarantee a  longterm functioning ( + 25 years ) without risk of obstruction.

Ø  B 

Ø  A 

Pipe with three rows of 15 mm. diameter holes, distributed at 120º and separated at 100 mm.

Front view

Geotextile covered with a polyethylene mesh.

INFILTRATION: Dimensions and capacity of Drenotube® IF and BD


After installing the septic tank and at its outlet connect the main tube to the distribution box from which the infiltration trenches will leave Mark the branches of the infiltration area where the Drenotube tubes will be installed taking into account the number of branches and the length according to the table.

You must dig a ditch> 60cm. deep to specify a thickness of land above the 30 cm drain.

The length of each infiltration ditch must not exceed 24 meters.

At the end of each of the ditches a 600x600 register with cover for periodic inspections is installed.

130x4/20= 26     26/0,3=86,6 meters

QxP/R=A             A/B=L

A = Absorption area

B = Trench Width

Q = Liters per day and per inhabitant of consumption

P = Number of inhabitants

R = Infiltration Rate


Distance to the house 5 meters.

Distance to a water well 50 meters.

Distance to a tree 3 meters.

Distance between trenches 1.5 meters. at 2.5 meters.

Distance at groundwater level 12m

Recommended slope 0.2% not to exceed 0.5%

Maximum depth 1 meter

The infiltration area will not be passable by vehicles of any type

System life will depend on the infiltration capacity in the terrain, the height and variations of the water table and the cleanings of the septic tank. Due to these variables, the average life span is around 13 years


Data Sheet

Performance Statement

Installation Guide

Catalog Infiltration


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